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Common Methodologies

Web Analytics

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What Are Web Analytics, and How Do I Use Them? 🔎

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Heap vs Google Analytics – Heap | Mobile and Web Analytics

If you are somewhere out there, read this post again; then try out some of the tips. GA is a [explicative] to the lazy webmaster.

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September 13th Sep 13th Interested In Improving Your sales? All events defined in Heap are applied retroactively.

Actionable Insights from Using Multiple Tools

If you've only defined a "Like Article" event today, but have had Heap installed for the past five months, then you'll view the past five months of data on this interaction instantly. This allows you the flexibility to define events and run queries whenever they're needed, rather than accounting for every possibility from the outset. Google Analytcs's tags only begin tracking data once you've written tracking code and deployed it live. Mid-size and large users of Google Analytics are presented with sampled data.

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Therefore reports in Google Analytics can vary in terms of accuracy. Google Analytics can also have up to 24 hours of latency in reports. Heap offers the ability to drill down into individual users. Our List view offers individual user histories, which show a comprehensive picture of every single thing a given user has done, even if it's across separate devices and cookies. Google Analytics, on the other hand, has no ability to view individual users.

All reports and metrics in Google Analytics are reported in aggregate only. Google Analytics, GA Premium, or GA is ideal for static, pageview-based websites that don't have a need for conversion funnels or user tracking. For example, a blog where you primarily want to track how many views each post is getting is a great candidate for Google Analytics. Any web or iOS apps that requires conversion funnels, detailed user interaction data, or segmentation analysis will get a lot out of Heap.