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With a few easy tweaks, your most personal space can also be a sexy reflection of who you are. We spoke with some of our favorite designers, who share their top secrets for creating a romantic vibe in the bedroom. According to Michael Amato, Creative Director of Urban Electric , "Focus on diffused and layered lighting, as well as employing both shimmer and sensuous textures in order to create a sexy bedroom environment.

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The bold geometry with the contrast of soft diffused light creates a perfectly sexy bedroom. We've had great success adding candle sconces in bedroom locations where there isn't hard wiring for wall sconces. For example, on either side of a dresser mirror.

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Candlelight is soft and romantic and having it flicker from the walls versus a tabletop brings in an old world element. We want to design a bedroom that makes you feel like you never want to leave.

We love using a wall texture to bring in that warmth and great lighting is often the key. The number of pillows is just right in this bedroom designed by Iain Halliday.

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Dig into this brand. First thing's first.

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Camp Activities. Case study: envida. Whether based on expanded polystyrene EPS or molded urethane, these high quality, lightweight pieces are positioned and installed without the need for heavy lifting equipment, engineered support, or large crews.

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High density coatings make these pieces rigid, durable, impact resistant and impervious to the weather and outdoor elements. The ultimate result is beautifully crafted architectural components at a fraction of the overall cost.

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Foam by Design is an industry leader in Precast Architectural Products manufacturing. EPS Foam is one of the most versatile building materials available today.