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Chitosan-based hydrogels: Preparation, properties and applications

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Biomaterials-based Hydrogels and their Drug Delivery Potentialities

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Topics in Biomedical Engineering: Making A Hydrogel

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Munjal and K. Dhama, Recent trends in nanotechnology-based drugs and formulations for targeted therapeutic delivery. Recent Patents Inflamm. Allergy Drug Discov. Development of bio-composites with novel characteristics through enzymatic grafting. Iqbal, H. Kyazze, I. Locke, T. Tron and T. Keshavarz, Development of bio-composites with novel characteristics: Evaluation of phenol-induced antibacterial, biocompatible and biodegradable behaviours.

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  • Biomaterials-based Hydrogels and their Drug Delivery Potentialities.
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A Thermosensitive Chitosan Based Hydrogel with Tunable Transmission at Visible Light

Accounts Chem. Wang, S. Shahani, D. Sun, B. Sharma, J. Elisseeff and K. Leong, Biodegradable and photocrosslinkable polyphosphoester hydrogel.